The haunted mystery of the Bhangarh Fort

The roaring walls, the screaming winds, silent yet spooky and the frightening thunder- this is all what said about this house of ghosts- the Bhangarh Fort. Located on the border of the Sariska Reserve in the Aravali range in the Alwar district of Rajasthan, the Bhangarh Fort is known to be the India’s most haunted places.

Glimpse of the history

Bhangarh is a wrecked town between Jaipur and Alwar. King Madho Singh established the fort in 1613. The king’s palace, the hills, the huge green trees surrounding the pool and a natural stream falling into the pond within the palace boundaries- the Bhangarh Fort is a beautiful and tranquil place to visit.
But, in reality, Bhangarh Fort is not popular because of its scenic beauty, but the reason why people are so curious to visit the place is the mystery behind its hauntedness.
Although, there are numerous ‘granny’s stories associated with this ghostly fort, the two main legends narrates the history of the fort city. For the visitor’s safety, even the Archaeological Survey of India has put a notice board at the entrance, according to which nobody is allowed to enter or remain in the fort premises after dark.

The Mystery behind the haunted fort

As per a legend, there was a black-magic magician, Singhania who fell in love with Ratnavati, the princess of Bhangarh. One day, the magician saw the princess in the market where she was buying ittar (scent). The Magician saw this and mixed some potion with the ittar with a false motive to ensnare the noblewoman. He gave the ittar to her so that she took a liking and marry him. Luckily, the princess saw through the wizard’s fraud and threw it on a big rock. The rock started rolling down towards the wizard, as a result, and crushed him. But, before he died, he cursed the residents of Bhangarh that they all would die an unnatural death and their spirits will stay there for centuries to haunt the palace forever. Any living mortal will be freaked by the fort. Eventually, the princess too died an unnatural death and it is believed that her spirit is still wandering in the fort for salvation.
Another legend reveals that there was a saint named Guru Balanath lived within the precinct of the fort. It was his injunction that any house built in the fort premises should not be taller than his house. If ever the shadow of any such house falls on his house would result in the destruction of the town. Unfortunately, one of an ambitious descendant raised the fort to such a height that it shadowed Balu Nath’s prohibited retreat and thus the town was shattered.
It is believed that the spirits of the residents who suffered due to these curses still live in the palace area in an urge of salvation and this is the reason why the place is said to be spooky and feary. As such, people are not allowed to spend the night in the fort. It is also said that if anybody visits the place after dark will never come back!

The mystery still continues…

AuliThis does not ends up here! Many tourists have reported that they have seen or felt spirits around them in the Fort.
Few years ago, a man fell into the step-well located within the premises of Bhangarh and hurt his head. While he was being rushed to the hospital, the car crashed and the two others died. An unfortunate accident blamed entirely the place and its curse.
Even, the makers of the show ‘Fear Files’ (ZeeTv) face something similar when they decided to shoot an episode that revolved around how the whole unit of Jhansi Ki Rani (ZeeTv) had a tough time shooting in Bhangarh. Every time they rolled the camera, some or the other untoward event happened. As the unit realised that they should get going from this place, the lead actor of the show Ulka Gupta was found missing and was found lying unconscious in the tantrik’s den. Even the horses that were bought on the sets lost control, and created quite a commotion at the shooting spot.
All these stories point towards the hauntedness of the Bhangarh Fort, yet there are no evidences to prove them to be true…and as such the Bhangarh mystery still continues..!

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