Our Aim


It says “A ship without a rudder is simply a name of a sailing object” which is universally impossible to be. As rudder leads the ship to its right direction, our business aim takes us to be our own path. Yes, we have “aim” that is to make your long waited Holiday dreams enjoyable with safest mode of travel adding the alluring fragrance transforming into the most memorable trip with us. Saying any statement is very simple, but keeping it too hard. We do ethically realize the truth and are aimed to make this professionally ventured. We offer a very safe, awesome and adventurous travel services to all our customers.

Our main weapon of driving successfully such targeted venture is our trusted and trained taxi/cab drivers that are dedicated to serve their best speechlessly but consciously. They are obviously professional, efficient and holder of competent driving license making them technically eligible for driving cab/taxi with utmost security. Moreover, we are determined to ensure you to be tense free being at a new place and just forget about the uncertainty and danger. We take utmost care of all possible avenues to make your holidays joyous because we are here to implement all the precautionary measures legally, socially and professionally. Our professional mission is “your interrupted safety” on roads of North India and to minimize every tiny exposure of your risk-on-travel on Indian roads.

Virtually, our service is ethically focused on the car rental segment only. We take the pride of arranging an efficient and 24 hour reliable taxi services in order to solve the transportation requirement of the visitors. We never discriminate the type of visitor’s requirement – be it for personal, commercial or corporate purposes, and even for outside city or within the city transportation, we have all under our umbrella. We facilitate our customers with wide range of taxi/cab service covering Tavera, Innova, Indica, Indigo, Etios and so on. We take care of your need for social visits, sightseeing tours, airport shuttle. We have forthcoming plans of providing the convenience of booking a taxi in your city of residence in the days ahead and request you to keep on accessing our website from time to time for updated information.

As we are stationed at Chandigarh – being the joint capital of Haryana and Punjab, we are more cautious to render our best service; moreover, Chandigarh becomes a hub for tourist and visitors as the city is the main gateway route touring different tourist destinations in Himachal Pradesh. We are here to pillar up very safe and secured driving environment with all our Operations. We are aimed to look after Safety as first priority for our clients irrespective of their class, creed and lifestyle.

India has got numbers of unique and magnificent travel destinations that include natural beauty and natural landscapes especially in the north from Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Jammu & Kashmir .Eventually, all the tourist destinations are marked by a class and with high level of interest developing a tremendous curiosity among the visitors to visit and enjoy by heart and eyes.